Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Walk with Poke`mon go!

Hey, guys. This post is a bit interesting as this is about this new app which everyone is trying called Poke`mon go! This App is not available in India as of now but you can still be able to download it by following the Link below-

I have tried this app and it's an interesting app as this is a reality-virtual game which makes you go out to catch those Pokemon's. You can easily understand how to use this app and get into it.

You can try this app while you want to go for a walk or to walk your dog out or if you just want to catch those Pokemon's!! Like you would not even notice that you have walked a long distance while playing Pokemon go but keep an eye on the road while trying to catch those rare Pokemon's and stay safe.

In this game, you need to walk to find new Pokemon and when you have found them and caught, you need to walk some distance to evaluate the Pokemon or if you get eggs then you need to walk some distance to hatch the eggs, which I think is a great way to keep you engaged in game and keep walking!! You can also walk from one poke stop to another to catch some new Pokemon or meet new people. 

Hope you guys try this game as well and like it, thank you :)

Pokemon Go

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