Friday, 15 July 2016

Diet Diary after 1 week

Hello, guys. I am back with another update on Diet Diary! Let's get on the routine
2 glasses of water
4-5 Almonds and 4-5 Manuka raisins
10:30 - 11 AM
Vegetable Daliya with 2 teaspoons of daliya and a good mix of vegetables with a small bowl of curd if you like or milk

12:30 PM
2 Fruits+ lemon water with pinch of salt or no salt

2:00 PM
2 Whole wheat chapati with vegetables sabji and salad- same

4:30-5:00 PM
1 glass of milk+ handful of roasted chana or 1 fruit

7:30-8:00 PM
2 Whole wheat chapati with vegetables sabji, moong dhuli or chilka daal and salad

First, measure your weight before starting this routine and compare it with before starting this diary. You should be seeing some results. Now write down your weight again in the diary with this updated routine so in next change in the plan you can compare your progress. Follow this routine for about 4 days then you can swap with any other routine as given or last routines if you like.

Don't forget to brisk walk or some other sort of exercise for about 20-25 minutes on daily basis. Have 8-12 glasses of water throughout a day.

Do not add any other type of daal or pulses to your vegetable sabji. Do not take dahi/curd/yoghurt when you're having daal in your meal, like if you're taking vegetable sabji+daal then do not take curd with it. Do not take flavoured yoghurt or any other type of diet snack.

This routine should help you get around 300-400g weight loss with proper exercise. Do not starve yourself!!! If you feel hungry then you can always take 1 handful of roasted chana or fruits or 1 small veggie sandwich, Also DO NOT SKIP ANY MEAL!

Well, this is the routine which you can try and I hope it'll help you lose some weight without having to starve yourself, enjoy. Thank you :)

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