Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Diet Diary- Begining

Hey guys, in this post I am gonna be updating on Diet Diary. As you know, in last post I shared what do's and don'ts I was given so in this post I will be sharing with which routine you can start your own Diet Diary.

First thing, you should measure your weight and write it down in your diary along with date mentioned on the page.

All routines are gonna be starting with 2 glasses of water and some nuts before actual breakfast. Also, this routine depends on which time you wake up as well, as in if you wake up really early in the morning then you might have a slightly different routine for morning and followed by that. Let's get on the routine that you can try to follow!!

2 glasses of water
4-5 Almonds and 4-5 Manuka raisins
10:30 - 11 AM
Vegetable Sandwich of 2-3 bread slices

12:30 PM
Milk + handful roasted chana or 1 bread slice toast

2:00 PM
2 Whole wheat chapati with vegetables sabji and salad

4:30-5:00 PM
2 Fruits

7:30-8:00 PM
2 Whole wheat chapati with vegetables sabji, dahi/curd, and salad

Few things to know-

If you tend to sleep really late at night and still feel hungry after your dinner time then try have fruits at around 9:00-10:00 PM. If you still feel hungry after any meal then add more salad portion to the meal.

Cook your vegetable in Oil as recommended in the previous post. Do not make vegetable sabji with Paneer, Pulses, Tofu, Sprouts etc added to the vegetables. Don't add any spread or mayo to the sandwich. If you like you can saute some vegetables together and then add it as spread on the sandwich or can add coriander or mint chutney if you like having a sandwich with some sauce or etc. 

Follow this routine for about 1 week. Change routine with another diet chart in some days time span. Don't forget your exercise or walk time when following any diet routine.
p.s if you're tea or coffee addict like me then you can have that 1 cup milk tea/coffee with your vegetable sandwich as I never stopped having that morning cup of tea/coffee even now.

Well, that's the routine I was given to follow for the first week to detox and to lose a bit of that bubble weight.This routine did help, I was supposed to lose 1 kg in the first week but I did not, however I lost 400 g in the first week and was really happy with the result as this routine did not make me starve myself when trying new lifestyle!

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