Thursday, 21 July 2016

Blogger Help- How to show multiple posts with labels in single page

Hey, I thought as I am building this blog id share some tips on how I made this blog which might help you guys if you ever want to start a blog of your own. So let's start with how to show multiple posts with the help of labels and pages gadget :)

1. When you publish a new post, see settings on your right side. You would see post settings, select Labels from it and put whatever label you want

2. Publish your post and view blog

Publish Post
View Blog
3. Select the Label you put in your post from bottom of your post

4. Copy the url, you will need it later

5. Now go to your blog design > select Layout

6. Go to Cross Column, click on add gadget and select pages

7. Now, it'll give you page settings pop up. Leave title blank and click on add external link

8. Put your page title like "diet diary, cooking/recipes" as you can see on my blog or same as your label and put your url which you copied in step 4 and save link.

9. Save Pages gadget which will look something like this and done!!!

Now, whenever you put that particular label in any post, it will show in that page in which you put label's link in and that way you can see multiple posts in single page with the help of labels. I hope this will help you guys when starting a new blog :)

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