Sunday, 24 July 2016

Diet Diary Update (cheat day maybe)

Hello guys, how's your diet diary coming around? I am here with another update on diet diary and maybe one cheat day for the efforts we put in following this lifestyle!!! :)

First of all, you should be checking your weight and compare it with last time you should have lost around 400g and if you've lost so then congratulations! Now, update your weight in the diary and let's get on the routine

2 glasses of water
4-5 Almonds and 4-5 Manuka raisins
10:30 - 11 AM
2 Stuffed roti's (Indian bread/ half paratha like paratha but without butter or oil to it) with 1 bowl of curd

12:30 PM
2 Fruits+ lemon water with pinch of salt or no salt

2:00 PM
2 Whole wheat chapati with vegetables sabzi and salad- same

4:30-5:00 PM
1 glass of milk+ 1 bread slice sandwich or 1 fruit

7:30-8:00 PM
2 Whole wheat chapati with vegetable sabzi, 1 bowl of curd and plenty of salad

P.s- Do not take masala lassi or sweet lassi as yoghurt, however, you can take 1 glass of plain lassi with roasted cumin seed powder in it.

You can make stuffed roti with paneer, onion, radish, spinach, cauliflower, methi or any other green leafy vegetable as you like. Do not take pickle with any meal,

however you can take mint chutney, coriander, guava or any other chutney you like with any meal during the day.

Also, if you feel hungry after any meal then you can try adding more portion of salad to the meal or a little more extra portion of vegetable sabzi or you can try having 1 small fruit after some time of your lunch or dinner in between snack time. You can try having 1 glass of water before your meal so you don't feel hungry at that time of the meal.

Do not forget to have 8-12 glasses of water throughout out the day and your 20-30 minutes exercise. This should help you get around 300g- 400g weight loss.

Now, on to the cheat day, if  you've seen some result in yourself then you can try having 1 small cheat meal in any one of the days following this routine. You can have a healthier variation of you something you like, if you want to have something sweet then try having coconut burfi or 1 ball of rasgulla. Or if you want to have whole cheat meal then you can have rice with rajma/chole/chickpea curry or chole kulcha or pasta or anything you like but in healthier option but it should be HOMEMADE and not from outside, also you should have this cheat meal in LUNCH MEAL only, not for dinner.
Well, that's about it for now in this post, I'll keep updating this diary and I hope you like this routine with some cheat meal ideas, enjoy your cheat meal with healthier option and thank you :)

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Blogger Help- How to show multiple posts with labels in single page

Hey, I thought as I am building this blog id share some tips on how I made this blog which might help you guys if you ever want to start a blog of your own. So let's start with how to show multiple posts with the help of labels and pages gadget :)

1. When you publish a new post, see settings on your right side. You would see post settings, select Labels from it and put whatever label you want

2. Publish your post and view blog

Publish Post
View Blog
3. Select the Label you put in your post from bottom of your post

4. Copy the url, you will need it later

5. Now go to your blog design > select Layout

6. Go to Cross Column, click on add gadget and select pages

7. Now, it'll give you page settings pop up. Leave title blank and click on add external link

8. Put your page title like "diet diary, cooking/recipes" as you can see on my blog or same as your label and put your url which you copied in step 4 and save link.

9. Save Pages gadget which will look something like this and done!!!

Now, whenever you put that particular label in any post, it will show in that page in which you put label's link in and that way you can see multiple posts in single page with the help of labels. I hope this will help you guys when starting a new blog :)

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Walk with Poke`mon go!

Hey, guys. This post is a bit interesting as this is about this new app which everyone is trying called Poke`mon go! This App is not available in India as of now but you can still be able to download it by following the Link below-

I have tried this app and it's an interesting app as this is a reality-virtual game which makes you go out to catch those Pokemon's. You can easily understand how to use this app and get into it.

You can try this app while you want to go for a walk or to walk your dog out or if you just want to catch those Pokemon's!! Like you would not even notice that you have walked a long distance while playing Pokemon go but keep an eye on the road while trying to catch those rare Pokemon's and stay safe.

In this game, you need to walk to find new Pokemon and when you have found them and caught, you need to walk some distance to evaluate the Pokemon or if you get eggs then you need to walk some distance to hatch the eggs, which I think is a great way to keep you engaged in game and keep walking!! You can also walk from one poke stop to another to catch some new Pokemon or meet new people. 

Hope you guys try this game as well and like it, thank you :)

Pokemon Go

Banoffee Pie Recipe

Hello, today I will be sharing one of my favourite pie' recipe which is banoffee pie and it's really easy to make! Let's get on the things that will be needed to make this pie

  • 250 g digestive biscuits (Marie biscuit)
  • 2 tablespoons of melted unsalted butter or clarified butter
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk (Milkmaid) or Dulce de leche/Caramel
  • 2-3 bananas
  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Chocolate to decorate
  • Food processor or mixer-grinder
  • Electric whisker or hand whisk
  • Pie dish or detachable cake tin

Banoffee Pie
  1. First, if you can't get Dulce de leche/Caramel near your place then make it with sweetened condensed milk
  2. take a deep pan, add water to it and let it come to a boil
  3. Add condensed milk can to it and let it cook in that boiling water for 3 hours
  4. Keep checking the pan and more water to it as water level goes down to make sure that can is covered with water all time
  5. After 3 hours, remove can from the pan and let it cool until can has cooled down and you're able to touch it without help of any mitt or cloth
  6. Now, on to the second step, break your digestive biscuit in smaller sizes
  7. Add smaller sizes digestive biscuits with unsalted butter or clarified butter to the food processor or mixer grinder and mix them together until biscuits are finely crumbled to set the base of pie
  8. Add crumbled biscuits to the pie dish and set the base in pie dish with your hands making sure that base is set all over nicely and keep it in fridge for about 20 minutes or until base if firm
  9. Now, open the condensed milk can and give it a good stir until it's smooth
  10. Once the base is ready, pour in your dulce de leche/caramel setting it all over the base and keep it aside in the fridge while we prepare cream topping for it
  11. For cream topping, take a bowl and add some ice to it. Take another bowl, add your heavy or double whipping cream to it and put this bowl into the first bowl with ice
  12. Whisk it with electric whisk or hand whisk until it's thickened giving those soft peaks which tell you that your cream topping is ready and keep it in fridge while we prepare the bananas
  13. Now, peel your bananas and cut them in slices in desired thickness
  14. Add banana slices to the pie on top of your caramel arranging them so they cover whole pie dish
  15. Finally, add your whipped cream to the pie covering it nicely and decorate with some cocoa powder or garnished chocolate (I used garnished chocolate and 1 choco chips cookie)
  16. Keep it in fridge so it can set
Now, that's your banoffee pie ready, enjoy it with some cold beverage or as you like it, thank you :)

Friday, 15 July 2016

Diet Diary after 1 week

Hello, guys. I am back with another update on Diet Diary! Let's get on the routine
2 glasses of water
4-5 Almonds and 4-5 Manuka raisins
10:30 - 11 AM
Vegetable Daliya with 2 teaspoons of daliya and a good mix of vegetables with a small bowl of curd if you like or milk

12:30 PM
2 Fruits+ lemon water with pinch of salt or no salt

2:00 PM
2 Whole wheat chapati with vegetables sabji and salad- same

4:30-5:00 PM
1 glass of milk+ handful of roasted chana or 1 fruit

7:30-8:00 PM
2 Whole wheat chapati with vegetables sabji, moong dhuli or chilka daal and salad

First, measure your weight before starting this routine and compare it with before starting this diary. You should be seeing some results. Now write down your weight again in the diary with this updated routine so in next change in the plan you can compare your progress. Follow this routine for about 4 days then you can swap with any other routine as given or last routines if you like.

Don't forget to brisk walk or some other sort of exercise for about 20-25 minutes on daily basis. Have 8-12 glasses of water throughout a day.

Do not add any other type of daal or pulses to your vegetable sabji. Do not take dahi/curd/yoghurt when you're having daal in your meal, like if you're taking vegetable sabji+daal then do not take curd with it. Do not take flavoured yoghurt or any other type of diet snack.

This routine should help you get around 300-400g weight loss with proper exercise. Do not starve yourself!!! If you feel hungry then you can always take 1 handful of roasted chana or fruits or 1 small veggie sandwich, Also DO NOT SKIP ANY MEAL!

Well, this is the routine which you can try and I hope it'll help you lose some weight without having to starve yourself, enjoy. Thank you :)

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Diet Diary- Begining

Hey guys, in this post I am gonna be updating on Diet Diary. As you know, in last post I shared what do's and don'ts I was given so in this post I will be sharing with which routine you can start your own Diet Diary.

First thing, you should measure your weight and write it down in your diary along with date mentioned on the page.

All routines are gonna be starting with 2 glasses of water and some nuts before actual breakfast. Also, this routine depends on which time you wake up as well, as in if you wake up really early in the morning then you might have a slightly different routine for morning and followed by that. Let's get on the routine that you can try to follow!!

2 glasses of water
4-5 Almonds and 4-5 Manuka raisins
10:30 - 11 AM
Vegetable Sandwich of 2-3 bread slices

12:30 PM
Milk + handful roasted chana or 1 bread slice toast

2:00 PM
2 Whole wheat chapati with vegetables sabji and salad

4:30-5:00 PM
2 Fruits

7:30-8:00 PM
2 Whole wheat chapati with vegetables sabji, dahi/curd, and salad

Few things to know-

If you tend to sleep really late at night and still feel hungry after your dinner time then try have fruits at around 9:00-10:00 PM. If you still feel hungry after any meal then add more salad portion to the meal.

Cook your vegetable in Oil as recommended in the previous post. Do not make vegetable sabji with Paneer, Pulses, Tofu, Sprouts etc added to the vegetables. Don't add any spread or mayo to the sandwich. If you like you can saute some vegetables together and then add it as spread on the sandwich or can add coriander or mint chutney if you like having a sandwich with some sauce or etc. 

Follow this routine for about 1 week. Change routine with another diet chart in some days time span. Don't forget your exercise or walk time when following any diet routine.
p.s if you're tea or coffee addict like me then you can have that 1 cup milk tea/coffee with your vegetable sandwich as I never stopped having that morning cup of tea/coffee even now.

Well, that's the routine I was given to follow for the first week to detox and to lose a bit of that bubble weight.This routine did help, I was supposed to lose 1 kg in the first week but I did not, however I lost 400 g in the first week and was really happy with the result as this routine did not make me starve myself when trying new lifestyle!

Friday, 1 July 2016

Baingan Salan Recipe

Hello again, this time I'll be sharing Baingan (brinjal) ka salan recipe.This is Hyderabadi dish which I tried on other day with my sister and it turned out really good! This is coconut and nuts curry with brinjals in it. Let's get on the things you'll need to make this :)

  • Baby Eggplant  6-8
  • Tomatoes 2
  • Peanuts 1/2 cup
  • Coconut cut in pieces or grated 1 cup
  • Sesame seeds 1/2 cup
  • Onions chopped in slices 2
  • Oil to cook
  • Cumin Seeds 1/2 tble spoon
  • Asafoetida a pinch
  • Red chillies whole 6-7
  • Black cardamom 1
  • Coriander seeds 1/2 tble spoon
  • Fenugreek seeds 1 tea spoon
  • Cinnamon stick small piece
  • Curry leaves 5-7
  • Ginger Garlic paste
  • Coriander powder 1/2 tble spoon
  • Garam Masala 2 tea spoon
  • Red chilli powder according to taste
  • Turmeric Powder 1/2 tble spoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Tamarind pulp water 1-2 cups as per your gravy liking
  • Water if you need
  • Tomato slices 2 and Onion rings 2

  1. Wash baby eggplants and make square cuts on eggplants and heat up some water, put eggplants in it and let them cook until they become softer.
  2. While eggplants are cooking, put a pan on stove and prepare for curry
  3. Roast peanuts, coconut, and sesame seeds in pan (add oil if you prefer), when they're roasted, put them aside and leave for 5 minutes to cool
  4. Add onions to the pan now and saute them until cooked
  5. Make a fine paste of these roasted nuts and onions, consistency depending on your preference ( you can make really fine paste or leave it a bit crunchy)
  6. Now put a deep pan on the stove
  7. Add 2 tble spoon of oil to it and let it heat a bit
  8. Add asafoetida, black cardamom, curry leaves, whole red chillies, cinnamon stick to the oil and let them cook until they change their colour
  9. Add cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds and let them be until they crackle
  10. Now add brinjals to the pan and give it a good stir and let them cook until they change thier colour and flip them in between one by one so they're cooked from every side (keep a watch on oil bursts)
  11. Add ginger garlic paste, stir again and let them cook for 1 minute
  12. Add nuts and onions paste to the pan and make sure that you keep stirring it as this paste can stick to the pan's bottom
  13. Add salt, red chillies powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, garam masala
  14. Let it cook and stir it until you see oil separating from the curry in corners
  15. After it's cooked, add tamarind pulp water to the pan and stir it well
  16. Add 2 tomatoes chopped in half to the curry and put lid on the pan
  17. Let it cook until curry is thickened or as your preference but keep stirring it in between while it's cooking
  18. Now your curry is cooked and you can put it in a bowl and use tomato slices and onion rings to decorate and enjoy!
  19. Have this curry with rice and it'll taste really good :)