Thursday, 30 June 2016

Do's and Don'ts

Today I am gonna be sharing some basic Do's and Don'ts that I was given before starting this diet plan, these Do's and Don'ts is only for the period when you want to lose weight but when you don't want to lose extra weight but follow up a plan then you can include some of this stuff in your daily food, for example- if want to have rice then rather than having it in for dinner, have it in lunch.
Well, let's get on the list.... :)

Foods To Avoid

  • Cereals
    • Maida and its product like pizza/burger/white bread/noodles/macroni/bakery products
    • Suji and its products like idli/kheer/upma/rusk
    • Rice and its products like poha/murmura/boiled rice/South Indian
    • Corns and its products like baby corn/sweet corns/corn flakes/ makki ki roti
  • Fruits
    • Banana/grapes/lichi/mango/cheeku/custard apple/melons
  • Vegetables
    • Potato/beetroot/arbi/peas/carrot/green cholia/mushroom
  • Non Vegetarian
    • Red meat/gravy/egg yellows
  • Milk
    • Full cream Milk and its products
  • Sugars
    • Jaggery/raisins/dates/honey/cakes/pastries/cream biscuits/chocolates/candies/jam/pudding etc
  • Fried Foods
    • Mathri/Chips/Pooris/Parathas/French Fries/Namkeen etc
  • Preserved or Packed Foods
    • Papad/pickle/jams/jellies/ketchup/chutney/soups/salad dressings etc
  • Pulses
    • Rajma/chana/lobhia/chole/besan
  • Beverages
    • Juices(fresh/packed)/aerated drinks/squash/glucose/sports drinks/ice tea etc

Foods To Include

  • Fruits
    • Apple/pear/guava/orange/papaya/strawberry/pomergranate/cherries/plums/peaches/phala etc.
  • Vegetables
    • Cabbage/cauliflower/capsicum/torai/lauki/spinach/pumpkin/lady finger/methi/brinjal/beans/onions/radish/parwal etc.
  • Non Vegetarian
    • Egg Whites/chicken/fish/turkey
  • Oils
    • Sunflower oil/soya bean oil/rice bran oil/olive oil/groundnut oil etc.
Now to the Do's and Don'ts


  • 30 minutes walk/ exercise per day
  • 8-12 glasses of water per day
  • Avoid stress
  • Check your weight once or twice a week and keep watch on your weight
  • Try avoiding salt consumption after your dinner time
  • Try using green chillies or black pepper over red chillies if you prefer spicy food
  • Try Switching between your 3-4 days routine of food plan
  • Start your day with drinking 2 glasses of water before having anything else
  • Have some nuts after water and before breakfast like Almonds, Walnuts, Manukkha

  • Do not sieve flour to remove bran
  • Do not eat in hurry
  • Do not reheat Oil
  • Do not take more than 1 teaspoon sugar at one time in your sweet items
  • Do not eat same food routine over and again
  • Do not skip your meal during the day (try having 5 meals a day)

Above are some guideline I got from my dietitian when I started my plan with her, out of these here are some which I applied in my diet plan
  •  I used Pomace Olive Oil for my routine, it is good for cooking Indian food.
  •  I mainly had apples, oranges, guava, cherries, papaya and sometimes pineapple.
  •  I replaced potato for vegetables with other mix vegetables.
  •  I included flax seed before my morning routine and for snack time sometimes as it helps if any deficiency because of change in your lifestyle relating to food.
  •  I started my exercise routine with 15 minutes walk daily which got increased to 40 minutes daily. I recommend 20 minutes work out/ walk for starter and increase your time as per kg lost or as your prefer (daily routine like making rounds on home stairs or school stairs or school routine do not count as exercise.
Well, that's some things I followed and still following but there's more to it which I'll update in next post along with some diet plans I followed.

Also, I am not dietitian, this is general things about my diet plan which I followed and which I felt like sharing as it might help and you can make changes as you like here and there but make healthier choices, you will like those choices eventually.....hope it'll help you as well as it helped me, enjoy :)

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