Sunday, 26 June 2016

Diet Diary

Hi guys.... this post is special as this is about our journey on losing weight and getting from fat to fit kind of... wouldn't exactly say fit as when you lose weight you have some problems as well. But we would like to say that we're in that shape where we feel good about ourself and can wear whatever we want Indian, Western and etc...... and this diet has become our lifestyle like even today we keep track on what we're eating, drinking, work out and such.

I still remember when we first went to our journey and made up our mind to start this lifestyle, our dietitian asked us this question "Are you guys here to lose weight by your choice or if your parents asked you to go", then she continued to say that if you're here because someone else asked you to then probably it's not right choice for us we would not like to follow that lifestyle then. And I totally agree with that now that I have seen the changes in me, my sister and our lifestyle...... and yeah... we were there because we wanted to change our lifestyle and that is the reason that we were able to achieve our goal. begins our Diet Diary together and I'll be updating this diary once or twice every week and also will share what we followed during our diet plans and recipes for that.... also bits of other things we did during that time period and how much time it took us to get there! (Also discussing problems during and after losing weight)

When I Say Diet, This Does Not Mean That You Have To Starve Yourself For It.

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